North America Flags Quiz

Ultimate Flag Emoji Quiz Collection

Country flag quizzes by region. Answers given after each question. Have fun!

Take the quizzes multiple times to see if you improved (or not)!

Flag Quiz of North America

Match the Country to its Flag

Flag Quiz of South America

Test your flag knowledge.

Flag Quiz of Scandinavia

Can you match the flag to its home?

Flag Quiz of South Asia

Can you match the flags to their home country?


Flag Quiz of East Africa (Indian Ocean Islands)

Just six flags, should be easy.


Flag Quiz of East Africa

Can you match flag to country?


Flag Quiz of West Africa

Prove you are a vexillophile.


Flag Quiz of North Africa

Recognize these flags?


Flag Quiz of Central Africa

Test your knowledge - match country to flag.


Flag Quiz of Southern Africa

Test your knowledge of South Africa


Flag Quiz – Europe (50 Countries)

Mother of all flag quizzes - pace yourself!