United States Flag Emoji 🇺🇸

United States Flag
United States Flag

Standard Emoji:


How Will It Look on Different Devices?

*Google includes Android and often Slack.

How To

How To

Time needed: 1 minute

How to copy and paste the Flag of the United States Emoji to any device.

  1. Copy the American Flag Emoji

    Go to flagemoji.com and press the copy button (above). This works on any device.

  2. Paste the Emoji

    Go to your email/iMessage/SMS texting service/document and paste the emoji.
    For mobile devices
    — double-tap or tap-hold, then paste should appear. Tap it.
    For desktop and laptops on Apple devices
    — command-P / ⌘-P
    For desktop and laptops on Windows devices
    — control-p


Emoji Codes

Flag emojis are unicode symbols, like any other letter or number on your keyboard. This means you can copy and paste the emoji itself into your code, whatever the language (click the button above).

They actually count as two characters: the two-letter country code (the ISO international standard).

Country CodeUnicodeShortcode

Emoji shortcodes are used on some platforms as a way for users to type in emojis from the keyboard. If you type the emoji shortcode on Github or Slack, the emoji will appear.

*The official name of the emoji is only the country name, not ‘United States Flag’, for example.


Flag Description

The American flag consists of thirteen horizontal red and white stripes representing the original thirteen colonies of the USA. The colors alternate with red on the top and bottom. On the hoist side in the upper left corner is a blue canton with fifty white 5-pointed stars. The 50 stars represent the current 50 states.

United States Profile Facts Summary Infographic








What is the national day (Independence Day) of the United States of America?

July 4 is the day of independence.

What year was the USA flag adopted?

The ‘Stars and Stripes’ was adopted as the United States of America flag on June 14, 1777.

Has the US flag ever been changed?

The US flag has been modified many times, to update the total number of stars as new territories became states. The original flag, known as the ‘Betsy Ross’ flag, had thirteen stars for thirteen states arranged in a circle. Read more about each version.

What are the colors of the US flag?

Red, white, and blue. The white is ‘White’ or #FFFFFF. The red is ‘Old Glory Red’ or #B22234. The blue is ‘Old Glory Blue’ or #3C3B6E.  Blue represents loyalty, devotion, truth, justice, and friendship. Red signifies courage, zeal, and fervency, and white stands for purity and moral conduct.

What is the United State’s Pledge of Allegiance?

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” (Since 1954, per 4 U.S.C. §4)


National Anthem

TitleThe Star Spangled Banner
AuthorFrancis Scott Key